Expressing Breastmilk -Tips and Advice.

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Some of our customers have shared their tips on

expressing breastmilk.

Double-pumping is a great time saver. You are able to express both breasts simultaneously. 

Have a bottle of water and some healthy snacks handy when you sit down to express.

If you have other children, set them up with snacks and activities. 

         Store expressed milk in small batches to avoid wastage when you defrost it. It is liquid gold!

         You can buy pre-sterilised breastmilk storage bags which can easily be put in the freezer. Save time by pumping directly into the bags. 

Relax! Some women find watching television, listening to music or flicking through a magazine relaxing. Others prefer to sit and focus on the baby and enjoy the time out.

Set yourself up in a comfortable chair. 

  Try pumping after a shower or use warm packs on your breasts. This helps the let-down of the breastmilk.   

         If you are returning to work shortly, start pumping! Get the baby used to taking the bottle and you will also feel more confident with expressing.

         If you're expressing at work, have all of the essentials handy. You will need a photo of your baby, somewhere to store your breastmilk and spare breast pads

        Schedule time at work to express. Ensure you make expressing a priority. 

         Use an insulated bag with an ice brick to transport your expressed breastmilk home from work.

Colour of breastmilk can vary. It doesn't look like cows milk!





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